Nails – Manicure/Pedicure



Milk & Honey Manicure $25
This 40 minute cleansing therapy begins with a soak in warm soothing milk proteins and organic honey extracts combined with a sea salt scrub to soften your hands, lighten sunspots and whiten your nails. Topped off with a paraffin dip!

Pomegranate Manicure $30
Indulge in 40 minutes of nourishment with our pomegranate fizzle soak loaded with nutrient-rich vitamins and anti-aging oxidants, followed by an invigorating sea salt scrub exfoliation. Finally, melt away with a thermal hand wrap to further soothe and soften your skin, finishing off with your choice of polish.

Rose Flower Manicure $35
A 40 minute exotic ancient Polynesian ritual for bestowing well being to the hands. This exfoliating, hydrating and refreshing action restores suppleness and hydration to tired hands, leaving the skin soft and beautifully fragranced with tiaré flower extract, Topping it off with a thermal hand wrap to further soothe and soften your skin.

Manicure $19
French Manicure $25
Teeny Teen Mani & Pedi $40
(16 years old and under)
French Polish $10
Polish Change Toes $12
Polish Change Hands $8
Paraffin Dip Hands $15
Paraffin Dip Feet $19
Callus Treatment $8
Soak-Off $10



Spa Pedicure $30
Relax, breathe deep and enjoy the calming warm herbal wrap around your neck while your feet are restored to perfection. Our Spa Pedicure is a multi-step pampering process which includes cleansing, exfoliating, shaping, cuticle care, nourishing, massage and polish of your choice.

Sensual Peppermint $50
(Recommended for dry or cracked heels.)
Gratify your senses, relax and sooth sore muscles while you soak in a unique moisturizing menthol bath. A peppermint souffle sugar scrub delivers a brisk cooling sensation as it exfoliates, reduces calluses and eliminates dry rough soles. Your feet are then massaged for 20 minutes with an aromatic antioxidant and anti-inflammatory peppermint body oil providing smooth soles and a refreshing lift any time of day.

Sea Salt Serenity $45
(Recommended for dry or cracked heels.)
Relax your body, soul and feet while soaking in a sea rock aroma therapeutic foot bath. Then a quartz crystals, beach sand and alpha hydroxy scrub is applied to exfoliate rough and dry soles. Enjoy the cool sensation of a sea extract and mineral clay masque and melt away with a soothing 20 minute massage leaving you relaxed and rejuvenated.

Milk & Honey Glow $50
An extraordinary 60 minute experience soaking in a rich blend of honey and milk to exfoliate, sooth and soften your skin. Followed by a relaxing 20 minute soothing massage with a hydrating milk and honey butter blend. Finally, your feet will be nourished in warm paraffin giving them a hydrated and silky smooth finish.

Mandarin Citrus Pedicure $45
Refresh your feet with a citrus aromatherapy foot bath. Enjoy the mandarin and honey sugar scrub exfoliation treatment followed by a hydrating mask to soften and brighten your skin. Melt away with a 20 minute foot massage using an enriched cream with vitamins and nutrients leaving your feet glowing and looking youthful.

Coconut Creme $40
Rediscover pure relaxation with the delicious scent of the tropics. Dip your toes in a creamy coconut and safflower seed oil infused bath. Next you’re exfoliated with a sugar crystal, sweet almond and vitamin E scrub healing even the driest skin. A thick and nourishing coconut créme moisturizer with Aloe and Vitamin E is applied with a 15 minute foot and leg massage. Your feet will not only smell good, but feel silky smooth.

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