BESTLOOK SPA uses only the most gentle and effective Wax product line Cream/Haney/Hard/Sensitive based. It’s exfoliates, hydrates and Moistures your skin. With a wide range of waxes suitable for any skin type BESTLOOK SPA can personalize the Wax process for all of our clients.

Service Price

Eyebrows 14.99
Lip 9.99
Chin 13.99
Eyebrows,lip,chin 35.00
Sides of face 25.00
Full face 45.00
Full arms 45.00
Half arms 25.00
Under arms 25.00
FArms with U-Arms 59.99
Full legs 55.00
Lower half legs 30.00
Upper half legs 35.00
Bikini 35.00
Flegs with bikini 69.99
Brazilian 75.00
Back or chest 45.00
Abdomen 35.00
Toes 10.00

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