Eye Brow Threading Class

At the Best Look Spa , we’ll teach you how to start a lucrative career performing eyebrow Threading procedures! Best look Spa Certification and Continuing Education Remains the #1 Eyebrow Threading Certification Company.Get Certified and Start Growing Your Threading Business Today!

Each Four to Five Hour Eyebrow Threading Class Includes:
1. An Introduction to facial and eyebrow threading
2. Instructions on holding and moving the thread
3. Hands-on training and personalized feedback
4. Step by step instructions on the two most versatile techniques (hand and mouth) used for facial and eyebrow threading
5. Step by step instructions on how to do facial threading on yourself
6. Instructions on creating lines and brow shaping
7. A final round of hands-on training and personalized feedback
Every student receives a free spool of 100% cotton eyebrow thread and an eyebrow threading manual to take home. Additional thread can be purchased at the class or by contacting us at any time.
Price Details :
The standard price for a workshop is $399.00 per person.

Eyelash extensionClass

The eyelash extensions training is an intense 6 hour course that will educate you on all the important aspects of applying eyelash extensions properly. This is going to be an extremely “Hands ON” training. Two instructors will conduct the training course with a small group of students to ensure that you receive our full and undivided attention and the highest quality training provided today. We strongly recommend the training!
Your time is valuable!! We know it. Don’t try and reinvent the wheel by “Trial and Error.” Best Look training gives you everything that you need to satisfy your clients from day one.
Price Details
Sign up for classes $899.00

Eyelash and eyebrow tinting

This course is 1 day class* 2 Hours* covers:* Tinting *Theory *Technique *Contra-Indications *Product Knowledge *Safety Precautions & Medical Conditions *Benefits *Pre/Post Care *Marketing
Price Details
Price: $199.00

Contact us anytime

Call us anytime to schedule a class at a location convenient for you.Special packages available for spa, salon, and studio owners. Call for details.
Call today for details: 513-364-7098

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